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Rise Above Fitness is a hardcore training facility located in Huntington Beach, CA., founded by owner/CEO, Brandan Schieppati in 2011. Rise Above Fitness is not only a “gym” we are a family; we are a culture.


Rise Above Fitness strives to provide our clients with a positive, motivating, and just plain rad training environment where everyone can focus on reaching their individual goals in a collectively motivating environment. Rise Above Fitness is driven by the success of our clients.


Not only do we strive to provide our clients with all of their personal training needs, we also do our best to assist them with nutritional and supplement advice. Our journey to finding the perfect supplement line/brand has been long and slightly unique.


Our story dates back to when owner/CEO, Brandan, started playing music and touring from the age of 17; and by 19 years old, he was touring around the world full-time, with his band, Bleeding Through. Throughout Bleeding Through’s 15-year touring career, Brandan focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and working out in order to keep up and maintain a technical stage performance - similar to athletes practicing for game day. In turn, Brandan was always on the search to find a supplement to help him recover from his daily performances, lack of sleep, and living on the road. Unfortunately, he wasn’t very successful with his supplement search and could never really find the right product. However, he will admit that he was swayed multiple times by “cool” marketing and fake science.


In 2011, when Brandan transitioned from his full-time music career to a full-time career in fitness, his goal from day one was to introduce fitness as a culture for those he connected with, just as he did with his music. One of the biggest battles he fond when opening the first Rise Above Fitness facility, was finding the right supplements and nutritional information to share with our clients. He worked closely with various supplement companies; but, outside of their clever marketing and branding, clients, as well as Brandan, always ended up disappointed with the products’ results.


When Rise Above Fitness first heard of Advocare and their products, we were ignorantly turned off, ONLY because of others ignorantly speaking about the product. Finally we decided to ignore the noise, ultimately what other people thought, and started experimenting with the product ourselves. Shortly thereafter, we felt and saw the difference, unlike our experience with all of the other companies we’ve worked with. Advocare has the most extensive testing in the industry and their products stand the test. 


We, all of us at Rise Above Fitness, pride ourselves on speaking our mind and could care less about being “cool”.  We are much more stoked on products that work. Advocare is not based on hype, being “trendy”, or “cool”. Cool and trendy don’t give you gains; solid products do.


Our story is the reason we have partnered with Advocare. We know this is a product we can trust and believe in; and most important, we are confident in recommending Advocare products to all of our clients. 



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