30-Day SHRED Online Program

30 DAY SHRED Workout by Rise Above Fitness®

This is complete 30-day training, cardio, and diet program for Men & Women. Designed to help you lose weight and shred up in just 30 days. Program designed by Brandan Schieppati, Owner/Founder of Rise Above Fitness®.

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Includes: 4-week Workout Program, Nutrition Guidelines, and Program Navigation

Day 1 - Barbell, Lat Pull Down Machine or Pull Up Bar, Dumbbells, Adjustable Bench
Day 2 - Barbell, Dumbbells
Day 3 - Barbell, Box or Bench, Kettlebell or Dumbbell
Day 4 - Dumbbells
Day 5 - Barbell, Jump Rope, Box or Bench, Kettlebell or Dumbbell, Dumbbells
Day 6 - Barbell, Box or Bench, Dumbbells, Kettlebell or Dumbbell
Cardio - Treadmill or Elliptical or Bike
**All movements and equipment may be substituted for alternates based on access to equipment and individual needs and/or restrictions. 


If you have questions regarding any of the movements and/or require alternative movements, please email info@riseabovefitnessoc.com - We're here to help!